150 years old historical temple of Shri Mahakali Devi Ji, Sangrur

Raja Raghbir Singh ascended the throne of the princely state of Jind on 31 March 1864. He got the city Sangrur built according to the map of Jaipur, which was protected from all sides by the Parkota. For the protection of the city, four main gates were constructed in all four directions. Raja Raghbir Singh built many buildings in the city such as Diwankhana, Ghantaghar Shahi Samadhs along with Gurdwara Nankiana Sahib and got beautiful gardens all around the city. The king of religious faith built grand temples on the beautiful ponds and ponds outside the four main gates of the city.

According to popular stories, soon after Raja Raghbir Singh ascended the throne of Jind princely state, there was a rebellion against him in Charkhi Dadri. The king resolved in his mind that after crushing this rebellion, he would get the temple built for his family deity, Mata Raj Rajeshwari. Raja Raghbir Singh was successful in suppressing the rebellion and after that he started the construction work of his Kul Devi Mata Raj Rajeshwari Temple, but still there was restlessness in his mind. According to popular stories, it is said that one night Mata Mahakali Devi ji appeared to her in a dream, Raja Raghbir Singh narrated her agony to her that despite all the splendor, there is disturbance in my mind. He prayed to the mother to get me out of this calamity, then Mata Mahakali ordered him to build his temple on the north-east side of the city and install his idol in it. According to the orders of Mata Mahakali found in the dream, Raja Raghbir Singh got a grand temple and lake constructed in the north-east of the newly built city. It is said that Raja Raghbir Singh himself brought the idol of Mata made of Kasavati stone from Calcutta and brought here that idol was consecrated with traditional religious rituals. The statue is installed, he put his right foot on Lord Shiva.

Mata Mahakali temple building built in Nagar style

In this grand temple, the idol of Mother's fierce form is installed, she has placed her right foot on the chest of Lord Shiva. He has a garland of Narmunds around his neck, he has four hands. The left hand holds a khadag and a narmund in one hand and a flower in the right hand while one hand is in a blessing posture. In this form of Mother, the visions of the supernatural destruction and creation forces of Mother are seen together.

This grand temple was built according to Hindu religious scriptures in the 'Nagar style' prevalent in North India. The specialty of the Nagara style is its sanctum sanctorum, where a grand idol of the mother is installed. On the outer side, the dome of the temple adorns the sanctum sanctorum, which is called Shikhar. To visit the sanctum sanctorum, a pavilion has been constructed for parikrama and worship.

Painted Murals in Mata's Bhavan
mural-1 mural-2 mural-3 mural-4 mural-5
There are beautiful murals related to the Dashavatar of Lord Vishnu in the inner part of the temple. Whose supernatural beauty is still visible today.

Till the independence of India, this temple was maintained by the rulers of the princely state of Jind. After that this temple was acquired by the government and for the next 44 years this historical temple remained neglected and gradually its grandeur was eroding. When all the hopes were extinguished, then in 1991 the temple Shri Mahakali Sabha was formed under the leadership of Shri Chand Maghan, in which the dignitaries of the city attended and the work of restoration of the temple was conch. Many difficult situations came in front of the newly formed assembly, but with their courage and blessings of Mother Kali, the newly formed assembly conquered them and the changed form of the temple of Mata Mahakali is in front of us today, in which the beautiful building of Mother, Shakti Bhawan, Mother Annapurna Langar Bhawan etc.