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Mandir Shri Mahakali Devi Ji

Kali is one of the ten Mahavidyas of Bhagwati Durga, who incarnated in the world to destroy the wicked. 'Mahakali' who was incarnated in the feminine form of Kaal, is called the goddess of creation, protection and destruction.

Kali means Kaal's wife. Kaal is called Lord Shiva and thus 'Jagdamba', the wife of Lord Shiva, turned black, so on the basis of origin, Kaal is unborn and Adi Devi Shakti. By the grace of Bhagwati Kali, gods like Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva etc., sages and demons are able to attain siddhis. They are born from them and get absorbed in them.

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The aim of Mandir Shri Mahakali Sabha is to maintain the decency, purity and prestige of this ancient historical temple according to Sanatan Dharma texts and Shri Devi Bhagwat Mahapuran.


How We Can Help?

Social Services

Temple is involved in various social services and activities.

Spiritual Services

Temple is also providing spiritual services to the devotees and members.

Cultural Activities

Temple organize various cultural activities time-to-time and also conduct seminars.


What Our Devotees Say?


Pracheen Kali Mata Mandir is a famous old shrine of the Hindu religion, located in the city of Sangrur. There is an ancient Temple of Shri Kali Devi Ji built in 1867. The main deity of this temple is Goddess Kali Mata....!


Can't explain but just want to say I visit this temple so frequently since I came to Sangrur. This is the place where u can relax mentally and physically. Deeply religious. Very big place & quite, good atmosphere for Pooja.


Maa Kali is a formidable form of Maa Durga and it is known that the mother had taken this form to kill the wicked. There are many stories behind this form of mother in scriptures and her lecture is also found there.


A great spiritual MATA KALI DEVI MANDIR for getting inner peace, strength and blessings. Everyone should visit. Very neat and clean religious place. Very spacious and full of greenery.


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